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Cheval Blanc

Animal welfare at the CHV


Animal welfare and in particular that of equines is an essential element for the Club Hippique de Versailles and has been a reality for many years.

Chevaux en train de brouter

When the horses arrive at the club…

Often bought between 4 and 5 years old, our horses are worked, educated by our teachers taking into account their growth and are then gradually integrated into our riding school.

In the stable and in the paddock

In the stable, individual and open to others for our horses, and in stables for our ponies, they receive two rations of hay per day and are supplemented by 3 rations of pellets or flakes according to individual needs.

A team of passionate caretakers maintains the cleanliness of the boxes daily and carries out routine care. They are supported by a referring veterinarian who is responsible for carrying out all additional examinations in the event of anomalies and ensuring their good physical condition. 

They are dewormed between 2 to 3 times a year, and vaccinated each year against influenza and rhinopneumonia.

A marshal attends and decides whether they should be shod or not. It adapts to the morphology of each horse and works according to the balance of each. Our horses are followed every 6 weeks.

They are also handled by an osteopath if necessary or before important deadlines and if they do not encounter any particular problems, are checked every 3 years by a dentist.

Box chevaux
Deux chevaux


For their mental well-being this time, in addition to grazing sessions in hand with their riders and outings in the forest, our horses are placed free every week for a few hours in one of the 3 sand paddocks or relaxed in the help of the walker.

Every summer, they are “green” on vacation and take advantage of large pastures in the provinces for a month.

When it's time to retire...

The CHV has signed a partnership with the Pataclop association to ensure that each equine can enjoy a great retirement in the meadow. They are all placed, either with selected individuals, or in the pastures of the association and flow happy days. We follow them regularly and we are very proud of them.

Trois chevaux


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