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Équitation éthologique

For many years the CHV has been offering another form of riding, equine ethology. 

It can be practiced as an independent discipline or in addition to so-called classic mounted riding.

Ethological riding is a technique based on understanding and gently training the horse. Patience and respect for the well-being of the horse are the key words. 

It is practiced first on foot in order to establish a real connection with the equine then mounted. The fundamental principle is understanding the behavior of your horse to adapt and work together more effectively.

Ethological riding will allow you to better:

  1. Understand and approach your horse,

  2. Communicate on foot at a reduced distance in a net or halter,

  3. Communicate with your mounted horse, indoors or outdoors,

  4. Communicate on foot freely, on the lunge, and in the box,

  5. Refine the transmission of information to the horse.

Vétérinaire caressant un cheval
Formation de cheval

An expert pedagogical approach

The teaching team of the Equitation Club of Versailles is inspired by these techniques and surrounds itself with experts like Philippe GERARD to teach this discipline for which you must hold a Federal Brevet d'Équitation Ethologique - BFEEE.

For more information on weekly classes at the CHV, see the class schedule

CHV pique nique
the practice of equestrian ethology is really another form of riding, it has brought me a lot in my sporting life but also in my family and professional life, I learned a lot about my horse and about myself even!
Laura, 38 years old

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